“XBT/USB DILEMMA” by trader Luna-Man — published December 07, 2018 — TradingView

We have a big dilemma in hands. XBT has strong solid support at 3K because it’s a known price talked about by almost everyone in the crypto-space. Seeing the fig retracement placed at the beggining of this huge drop, we can see we have broken many of the support levels.

The red lines signify the bearish wedge we are located at right now with a strong support at 3K. If we assume the 3K will hold, we might see a pump around the 15th of december towards the 15k that many naive enthusiasts believe will happen EOY.

I personally believe that after some time pushing against the 3K support level , we might fall all the way to 1000$. You might consider investing in BCHSV but well, don´t take my word for it afterall, I am a nobody.

Have a happy day,

From your friend and neighboor LunaMan.

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