“Potential temp short covering at 10567 (beware of stop hunting)” by trader ec2953 — published December 09, 2018 — TradingView

Reshort after a pullback. There are many potential scenarios: The market can try to hunt stops (and hit “hidden” targets) before closing at 10567, then make a pullback. However, the extent of the pullback is also unknown so far (back to the breakout? Closing one or two gaps? Etc.

If we go way further down than 10567 with high momentum, then 10153 can be expected. But check for intermediate levels that I may not have shown in my charts. There is also the possibility that we bounce back on support very quickly since several markets are on huge supports right now. There could be a false breakout as well. Or even a breakaway gap to the downside, sending short signals right at the opening. Monday and Tuesday 10-11 December, 2018 will give more insights. Will there be a late X-mas rally? Nothing is too sure yet, but it cannot be ruled out.

I will try to find extra signals before the markets open.

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