“VIX AT TRIANGLE APEX / Volatility Breakout Imminant ! ” by trader The_Unwind — published October 19, 2018 — TradingView

The VIX             , used by institutional big money ,
and highly tough talented traders,to anticipate price movement
in the S+P 500, had it’s 3rd continuous week of trend line
breakout to the upside, confirming the price breakdown
from the all time highs.

Daily Close Only, Weekly Bar Chart which I keep,

shows VIX             Friday Oct 19.2018 close at 19.89

and at the Apex of a TRIANGLE CHART INDECISION p( As Shown )

The message here is clear.

There will be a sharp breakout in volatility next week,

Rest up this weekend.

Be prepared for an eventful Monday Oct.22, 2018



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