“Use your own eyes & experience over oscillators. ” by trader MrRenev — published September 29, 2018 — TradingView

My bread and butter is RSI and MACD divergence, I cannot look at 15 charts or more at the same time so I use alerts with those.
But I know to trust my own judgement over what some indicator tells me.

In these examples, and I could show countless more, what eyes tell us is what is right, not what the oscillators tell us. Yes, I know, I am comparing 2 different assets. Does not matter it works the same.

Gigantic candle? You are not going to beat it all by yourself (well maybe in crypto you will if you are a whale that enjoys manipulating the price but why risk your money?). Wait for others to start buying/selling before you go in the same direction.

“Experts” all say you win by going agaisnt the herd. Well they are all wrong, and stupid. The price moves in the direction of the majority, ALWAYS.

Or to be more precise, where the most money is. 10 billion dollar buying and 1 billions dollar selling? The sellers won’t win because they “go against the herd”,

10 > 1 hence buyers are stronger ==> We go up!!!!

Join the herd, simply be smarter. “Panic sell” before they do, wait for the front line to go in early and join after the battle started and the ones no one will remember died. They did the heavy lifting for you, all you have to do is wave your sword around, cut into pieces bruised tired solders, and get out before reinforcements arrive. You will be remember as the hero savior that destroyed them all 1 to 10, outnumbered!

(Kinda like what the USA did when they “freed” europe, after the soviet union got 20 million casualties to destroy the bulk of the NAZI army – No I do not hate the USA lol I’m just saying)


No divergence, but the sellers clearly showed up,

and we went back up with less strengh I can see

it with my own eyes.

What the oscillators say does nto matter.

They are simply here to help us.

And for that Bitcoin             example 🙂

I swear I picked examples at random not the “perfect ones”.

FOMO in and PANIC SELL quickly and you will be rewarded immensly. But FOMO while TAKING YOUR TIME. If you want to buy, wait for OTHER BUYERS to show up MASSIVELY before you join them. That all comes with experience. So if you are not there yet learn to play and git gud.

NO ONE makes money by going in too early. EVER.

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