“FMWO: World Markets Overview – Back to Positive in nearterm” by trader sumastardon — published September 13, 2018 — TradingView

FMWO World Markets Near Term Outlook
September 13th
This index only prints End of Day on Tv.
But it’s still useful for a birds eye view of world markets.
It was meant to bounce from the lowest parallel.
Thankfully for world markets it has done.
It should rally back to the 6287 line and then, after a little
consolidation, on to the old high at 6359, about 3%.

This should augur well for US markets too.

Still a buy dips market therefore.

September 10th

This lumbering beast came within a couple of points of the lower support line before bouncing away to the upside again.

This index still looks positive from here.

That should be helpful for major markets in the near term.

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