“Bitcoin Bullish Perspective, IF….” by trader Romeo_ — published September 26, 2018 — TradingView

Now I want to talk about bullish perspective for bitcoin             .

As far as I can see, bear is weaker and the momentum is almost gone. IF the bottom was in, I can say that this is a healthy correction for upcoming months, IF the bottom was in this is the wave 2 correction and it can correct up to 5756 (as the bottom in finex was 5755) OR this is the beginning of wave 3 IF 6100 level doesn’t broke.

IF this is the beginning of wave 3, I can see the target is often at 1.618 fibonacci extension at 10500.

Let see how the market moves, accumulate bitcoin             and alts are very good for now I think. Q4 is coming, and we will see a fireworks on upcoming months.

Happy trade, play safe! 🙂

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