“Bullish Signs in TRX ” by trader Peymana71 — published July 09, 2018 — TradingView

Hi Guys,Let’s Look at TRX             chart
We have 2 Bullish wedge .First one started from May and second one from Jun.You can see first one in main idea chart and second one bellow.

In a more exact look to chart we can find two triangle two,first one in the end of trend (red line) and important one is a long term one that i coint on it as a symmetrical triangle,you can see in chart bellow.

This kind of triangles usually have result in way of market consolidation but we have cases that these triangles had reversal result.in this case with all these bullish signs i think we will bounce in favor of one of these formations.Before that with signs that i see in indicators we can make another impact to our bottom lines like blue arrow in chart or more to black line.
But like always we need BTC             to push market in correct way and don’t ruin the party,so if you want to enter trade in this coin don’t forget a tight stop loss or at least stop around $0.0335.
Good Luck

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