“NEO, Winter is here!” by trader ShounakShetty — published June 25, 2018 — TradingView

For thousands of years the old sages have been warning us that Winter is coming and the Bears (Dead) shall walk this earth again. All the Bulls like Eddard, Catelyn, Robb and Rickon paid so attention to them. We know how well they fared.

Now for the short term we are gathering every living sword to the North at the Wall. But our chances of stopping the walkers seem as thin as Arya’s Needle. These brave swords might just populate the horde instead of stopping them.

Our fate lies in the hands of The Prince That Was Promised. But he shall enter the battlefield only when the Walkers have reached South at DragonStone.

And when the time comes, We will make our Last Stand with John Snow, The King In The North!

Alright enough of theatrics. Let’s get onto the Technicals.

So we’ve had a Wave Failure yet again. Many TA’s will tell you that we are in a Triple Correction but that’s just not possible. The waves do not meet the requirements. We are in a larger Double Wave Correction as can be seen in the above chart.

For the short term I see a rally to maybe $34-$38. But there we face heavy resistance and the market does not show enough strength to break out of it.

So given the situation, we can safely assume that we shall breakdown from thereon.
I expect us to go as low as $10 before a reversal. On our way South… I mean down, we face supports at 30 (which has been pierced once so its weak), 25, and all multiples of 5.

If $10 is broken then we will have yet another failure and I will be of the opinion that crypto pump was nothing but a penny stock Pump and Dump. I am not a Perma-Bear nor do I enjoy spreading FUD. I’ve been posting many ideas for NEO has talking about many levels that should not be broken. All have failed so far. I refuse to sugarcoat it just because some can’t handle the truth that they’ve been hodling NEO since $80-$90.

So respectfully, Don’t Kill The Messenger.

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