Goodbye, Denver Post. Hello, Blockchain.

Mr. Ryckman said he was looking forward to having some resources to work with as he builds a publication on explanatory journalism, feature stories and investigative articles. “We are not trying to create a mini Denver Post,” he said. “We will break news but we we’re not doing breaking news.”

Once the grant money runs out, it will be up to The Colorado Sun to sustain itself. But Mr. Iles is confident that the project will succeed.

“When we learned about Larry and what he and his team had in mind for The Colorado Sun, it became obvious that this is a project we needed to support and we needed to partner with, because we believe, ultimately, that terrific journalism is the secret here and not blockchain,” Mr. Iles said.

Josh Benson, a co-founder of Old Town Media, which has been advising Civil and will work with The Colorado Sun to build a sustainable newsroom, said of the Sun project: “What they want to do is make something that is independent, incredibly useful, long-term sustainable, possibly a model for other things, ruthlessly correct — all the things you want a first-tier news organization to be.” said

By the end of June, Civil will have started 13 newsrooms throughout the country.

“My hope,” Mr. Iles said, “is that people will see The Colorado Sun as the tip of the iceberg.” He added, “I’d like to think that, if your local news organization is struggling, or if you believe that independent journalism is important, but you don’t yet really know what to do about, I’d like you to see how Civil can be home for ideas.

“I want newsrooms around the world,” he said, “to see The Colorado Sun as a leader in that regard.”

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