Finally woke up!” by trader maro9392 — published June 18, 2018 — TradingView

Hi everyone!

Today let’s talk about gold             situation . Last week has been a real important week , with FED and BCE meetings. During this week gold             finally started to move after a month that was moving into an area between 1290 – 1310 usd.

After a strong bearish impulse move , we are looking to sell that! Where? We will look to open some sell position around 1290 area.

1290 area

1) 0.5 Fibonacci
2) Previous support zone that now may act as resistance zone
3) Obviously we will still need another confirmation , maybe something like candlestincks bearish pattern around this area

So , that’s my analysis , don’t take that as a financial advice and remember that still will need another confirmation from the candlesticks , maybe in a lower timeframe as 15m.

Have a nice day traders and remember to protect always your capital !

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