“ETH Bounce Bulls Keeping Control” by trader TheChartGuys — published May 30, 2018 — TradingView

ETH currently forming a 4 hour inside bar , trying to keep EMA support.
We have a more clear higher low on the 4 hour than BTC             so far, and bulls ideally want to hold this level as if it is lost so will be EMA support.
We have a wide range between support and resistance at the top of this bull move, which we could trade within all day.
Daily needs a solid green candle to confirm the bullish reversal candle of yesterday.
The bull volume on the bounce compared to bear volume on the dump, tells us this bounce is for real.
The 4 hour inside bars will dictate momentum for today, so that is our short term range to watch.
BTC             is closer to a 4 hour EMA 12 crossing 26 to the upside than ETH, and ETHBTC 4 hour chart pretty much mirrors ETHUSD             trying for the 4 hour higher low and higher high.
The most patient bulls are waiting for a daily higher low to enter on consolidation.

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