’56 grads taking final Broad Ripple HS tour find themselves stuck on school elevator – Local News

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – They were a close-knit group when they attended Broad Ripple High School. 62 years later, they found themselves closer yet.

Fourteen members of the Class of 1956 attended an open house Thursday afternoon hosted by the class of 2018.

It was one last chance to walk the halls and ride the elevator before the historic north side building closes for good at the end of the school year.

They had just toured the media center and were headed back down to the first floor when they took a fateful step. All fourteen got in the elevator. The doors closed and never re-opened. That is, not for several minutes.

“Crazy,” said Kai Binford. “We were all jammed in there, fourteen of us.”

The elevator didn’t move, wouldn’t open and their cell phones wouldn’t work.

“We kept pounding on the door, trying to get someone’s attention,” she said.

One woman banged on the door with her cane.

Since their phones were useless for calls, Binford used hers to record the moment. It was more like 20-some minutes, standing shoulder-to-shoulder and mostly laughing and smiling.

“Thank goodness no one was claustrophobic,” Binford said. She said one classmate who wasn’t on board would have been “very stressed out” over all that closeness.

In the end, people on the other side of the door heard the commotion and called the fire department. The doors opened soon after and everyone stepped out with a great story to share about their last time at Broad Ripple High, one that brought them far closer than they had been in years.

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