“Nearly Done With Wave 5 Before our ABC Correctional Wave ” by trader EugeneWoodMyLife — published April 05, 2018 — TradingView

As we mentioned in our last chart

bitcoin             coin is playing out on the path we had set for it.

We include another Elliott Wave (12345) shown in Green to show you the path that BTC             should take along the 5th Wave that we are currently in. I have this wave set to stop at the $5800 level and can see it touching that price mark.

I have then gone further to and shown the Elliott Correction Wave ( ABC ) to show the path that I think Bitcoin             will take on the way up to the $7500 mark.

As you can see I have drawn in 3 Head and shoulders and I reckon that BTC             will create another head and shoulders with normally shows a trend reversal.

I am starting to think that we will more then likely repeat history and range trade until the end of May in June and July we should see the bull run before bringing another correction…

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