Tokenized Whitelisting on a Token Launch-And-Exchange Platform: RAP Tokens by Orderbook

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Blockchain’s most disruptive impact has been in the financial sector. First used by Satoshi Nakamoto, Blockchain chain based cryptocurrencies allow anyone to bypass the whole banking system and transact (or hold) digital money.

Different jurisdictions have diverging opinions on the legality of cryptocurrencies. Some have completely banned it, most are open towards the concept have classified it as a legal form of tender, a handful are working towards accepting it as real money.

Regulation-Aware Protocol for Crypto Developers and Owners

Regulation Awareness Protocol or RAP is set of instructions devised by Orderbook which is actually a whitelist of users on the platform. This protocol’s whitelist maintains users’ information such as their country, wallet address verification and other particulars. The protocol has its own token, aptly called the RAP token.

If a user wished to acquire a specific token or coin through the platform, he or she must use RAP tokens. The protocol uses a smart contract to check the user information in the whitelist against the regulatory requirements set for the digital asset in question. If the user fulfills the preset requirements, the contract is executed and transaction is successfully done. In case the user is not in accordance to the set rules, the contract refuses the transactions.

This allows different cryptocurrency developers to take the load off developing their own whitelist (a tough job in itself, requiring individual verification and multiple compliances to different regulations)  and concentrate on the token’s development and promotion.

Why Orderbook?

Orderbook is designed as a token launch platform and a digital exchange in one, for people who wish to invest in different Blockchain projects. One time registration and whitelisting allows backers to acquire digital assets without the need to reapplying for whitelist in every new launch. Orderbook has the following benefits for its users:

  • Multi Currency Wallet: Allowing users to have one wallet instead of creating a new one at every launch event they wish to invest in. The wallet is secure and is compliant with regulations.
  • Event Participation: Distribution events are announced on the platform and through newsletters, enabling up to date information on new projects for timely investment. The Orderbook platform itself does a thorough screening of projects that intends to use it as a launch pad, ensuring users and backers are not victims of fraud.
  • Trading: With its own crypto exchange, Orderbook allows token backers to immediately liquidate their newly acquired assets (or at any time they wish to). The exchange offers low fee on trades and with a publically accessible trading history, it eliminates the possibility of order manipulation.
  • Easy UI: Impressions and ease of use is everything. Orderbook lets users trade and invest through a beautifully designed UI that is secure, fast and scammer free.

The Orderbook platform has successfully conducted 12 token generation events, with more than 30,000 contracts deployed and has so far raised $35,000,000.

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