BTC the final countdown

BTC the final countdown

Bitcoin / Dollar

Howsit boys and girls, ladies and gentleman, lets take a look at BITFINEX:BTCUSD             . This is it the moment we have all been waiting for, the moment when we find out who is stronger, bear or bulls. We can see the long term down trend meeting the long term uptrend line. a break above 9500 will confirm a new uptrend and can leave us with a retest of 12000 where we have had major resistance, so dont expect it to smash through. however if we break below the downtrend channel , we could very well see 6000 as a support zone with the potential to go to 3500.

For now i’m waiting on confirmation of a breakout of the current triangle

If you found value in either my predictions or my analysis as a means to learn, please follow and like and share. If you didn’t, please keep it to yourself its rude to gossip.
Cryptodad out!

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