A great month for TRX.

A great month for TRX.

TRON / Bitcoin

Okay so my last chart on TRON             was a little off. However, that is due to manipulation I’m seeing.
I have an updated chart here that accounts for the possibility of manipulation. I’m covering my bases this time.

BTCUSD             just had a fakeout. The bulls got trapped and now we are heading down to find the true final bottom, which I believe is to be around $6,244 to $6,844.
With that said, keep a very close eye on BTC             today. The chart I am showing you here is a longer term chart so I’d say you are very safe investing anywhere under 350 sats             .
On 3/3/11 I predicted the breakout we saw today with scary accuracy. It was a fakeout. Now that we have broken the 365 support, it’s formed into resistance. This means we’re likely going lower.
I have outlined the buy zones with the pitchfork . The resistances are the thicker but lighter color lines going horizontally.

I believe if BTCUSD             finds it’s true bottom tonight or tomorrow, we are going to see TRX             skyrocket. The pathway I’ve created is to account for manipulation, however, so the target zones are likely *very* conservative.

Target buy zones are under 325.
First target sell zone is above 400 as we will likely bounce off the newly formed resistance at 365 to create the textbook inverse head and shoulders pattern.
Second is above 445.
Third is above 500, though I will push an update once we get to this level because it is MASSIVE resistance.
The final bottom for TRX             should be somewhere around 300 sats             .
Ladder in, ladder out.

As always,
Haters gonna hate until they see Crypto’s fate.
It may not happen on this date so don’t trade the bait. Do your own research. Good luck and happy trading!

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